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Wine Tasting at Zealandia


When I started thinking about this post, for some reason a song from Sesame Street popped into my head. In particular, the one where Cookie Monster sings a ballad about the lovely cookie: “C is for cookie and that’s good enough for me, OH! Cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C!” Except, in my version, I created an adult variation: “W is for wine, and that’s good enough for me!”

Before you start worrying about my drinking habits, settle down. I was never much of wine drinker before moving to New Zealand, and I’m still not. But, I’ve really grown to appreciate the wine of this wonderful island nation, in all it’s varieties. Before moving here, I was definitely into the reds. I appreciated a good Malbec or Pino Noir every now and again. But surprisingly to me, the local wine whites are winning me over!


^^^Look at all those bottles!^^^

With our time here coming to an end, we just haven’t been able to get down to the South Island for wine tasting. And getting to Martinborough, here on the North Island, involves a drive over a nasty mountain ranges which get closed if the weather is bad. No wine tasting for us….until I saw a wine event at Zealandia. Done and done! The wine served was from Kaimira Estate, in Nelson.


^^^We started off with some bubbles!^^^

^^^One of the winemakers, John, walked us through the range and taught us some of the techniques used during production.^^^

It was a great little event! That had nibbles, both savory and sweet, which complimented the whites and reds accordingly.

photo (1)

^^^I just so happened to be tasting two Pinot Noirs at the same time. I swear, I’m not a lush!^^^


^^^Bill enjoying a Pino.^^^

^^^Our takeaway from the evening.^^^

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