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Wild, Windy Wellington


Last night, Wellington got hit hard by a nasty storm from Antarctica. Sounds odd to read and refer to, right? Antarctica? The South Pole? Only 2000 miles away, Antarctica is a straight-shot south from Wellington. There are no land masses between us here and the southern continent, which means nothing to stop the nasty weather we’ve been having.

Winds have been slamming the city, hitting 125mph last night. One of the Interislander ferries even snapped free it’s moorings. You know it’s bad when they refer to 50mph winds as “calming down.” Evidently, the swells in the Cook Strait we hitting around 10 meters. You know during the Olympics, when they do platform diving, from that reaaaaally high board? That’s 10 meters. Now think of water swells that big. Yuck.

It wasn’t easy to fall asleep last night. You could hear the roof creaking and shaking, and the big silver fern outside our bedroom slamming against the window next to my pillow. Thankfully, our house didn’t sustain any damage. That could not be said for our neighbor’s fence. It was completely busted. And all of that damage from wind! Crazy, right?!

IMG_3800 IMG_3801
^^^And all of that damage from wind! Crazy, right?!^^^
^^^The sign in the New World parking lot for Cafe Classic gave up the ghost as well.^^^
^^^There were some major slips of mud and foliage, blocking alot of streets.^^^

Lots of people are still without power or heat. Our heater is gas powered, so we’ve been fine. Stay safe everyone!

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