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The Moving Crates Cometh


We had two moving truck coming to our house. The first was of our personal belonging. It was pretty dramatic getting the crates open, especially when the nails started flying off the crates and the wood started cracking under the pressure.




And just one action shot of our brand new furniture.



  1. My roommate has been all spun up about the wait for his UAB to arrive. He was coming in from a Mediterranean post and couldn’t believe it was taking so long to get it. I tried to placate him over lunch today that you had to wait while they shipped your stuff all the way out there. Then I looked him in the eye and said, “Oh and by the way, they just got their HHE.”

    It took a minute for it to register, but the look and reaction was priceless. Thanks for the laughs!

  2. Hahahaha, glad to give you some ammo, Uncle Dave!

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