Bill and Kaitlyn

From the Wedding Aisle to the Window Seat: Our Travel Adventures and Everything Else In Between

The Family that Globetrots Together, Stays Together


10 days. 2 countries. 18 hours flying to New Zealand. Could it be done? You betcha.

Bill’s parents and sister, Alex, flew down from Canada and DC respectively to come and visit us here in Wellington. The itinerary was ambitious; Milford Sound, Marlborough Wine Country, Wellington, Queenstown, Sydney. We spent more time at airport and ferry terminals in those few days than I have all year. Gallons of flat whites and long blacks were consumed. Pies were eaten. Time was spent in cars. Andy was missed. Passports were stamped. Beer was enjoyed. Revelry was had. And looking back, I’d do it all again in a heartbeat.

Thanks to Mom S., Dad S. and Alex for making the trip!

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