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Goodbye sticks of butter!

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The question we’ve been asked most since moving to New Zealand is what we’ve noticed as being different from the USA. Besides the obvious things like a hemisphere change and driving on the other side of the road, it’s really been the little things which have been turning heads.

  • Butter comes in one big bar, not four sticks. Not very conducive to fitting into a butter dish.
  • Ketchup…it’s not the ketchup we’re used to. A bit sweeter, not as much salt.
  • “Just off the plane!” stickers on magazines. Funny how the latest celebrity scandals on tabloids don’t change much, even though the issue is 2 months old.
  • It’s totally cool to not wear shoes into a supermarket. Our first weekend here, we were walking around the New World in Thorndon, and we saw a guy shopping for food without shoes. In winter. What the what?!
  • There are lines in the supermarket marked as not having sweets (I’ve seen candy free lines in the USA, but not marked on signs as an option)
  • The prices: 1 jar of mayonnaise which would cost $3 in the USA, costs $17 here.
  • With a country whose main industry is agriculture, the food is fresh and fabulous! Unlike DC, farmers markets are actually a deal where you can get good and cheap produce!

I’m sure that more will be added to this list as time passes, I’ll be sure to keep it updated. Up next? Which way does the water drain?

One Comment

  1. 3x more for mayo?? That’s crazy! You should just learn to make your own. Hahaha! Miss you!

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