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Springtime Surfing


Thanksgiving is fast approaching like a crashing wave, and I’m not quite sure if I’m ready for it.

Yesterday, I headed over to Lyall Bay to hit up Briscoes and the Warehouse, to pick up some basic housewares in anticipation of our upcoming Turkey Day soiree. I realized as I was creating the menu and getting ready for T-Day, that I didn’t have basic items like a gravy boat, or a platter that could actually fit our turkey. We had those items back in the States, but since we packed for a 2 bedroom apartment (and ended up with a 5 bedroom house) I’d left those items behind. As I was lugging my tablecloth and gravy boat to the car, I saw this little boy walk by with a surf board and wetsuit, headed toward the Bay. With the wind picking up, I figured I’d go see if there were any surfers hitting the waves.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a whole gaggle of surfers hitting the waves, on such a beautiful sunny day. And also, is it me, or that color water amazing? The photos don’t do it justice.


  1. Wow the beach there looks beautiful. That is Lyall Bay in New Zealand? I’m a surfer from Hawaii – I hope one day to make it to NZ. Thanks for the read.

    • Thanks for commenting, Tod! Yep, this is in Lyall Bay in Wellington, NZ. While they waves aren’t nearly that of the North Shore of Hawaii, there were plenty of people catching waves. Happy surfing!

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