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Rarotonga: Literally, the Middle of Nowhere


See that? See that little “A” bubble in the middle of the Pacific Ocean?


That, dear readers, is Rarotonga, the largest island of the small nation of the Cook Islands. Four hours flying from Auckland and 9 hour jaunt from Los Angeles, Rarotonga was a little slice of heaven in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Literally, the middle of nowhere. It’s anyone’s guess how any explorer came across it. Although geographically closer to New Zealand, and using NZ currency, the Cooks are 22 hours behind New Zealand. By flying there, we got to experience Wednesday ALL. OVER. AGAIN. Is your mind blown yet by how we time traveled?

We haphazardly learned about it’s International Date Line relationship when booking our hotel. With flights booked, I went ahead and booked our resort, with the arrival date the same as our departure date from New Zealand. Fabulous, not a worry. Two months later when I took another look at our flight manifest, I swore loudly. What’s this devilry about leaving New Zealand on April 10, only to arrive on April 9th? Thankfully, I was able to rectify our reservations without penalty and not arrive at the resort swearing we had a room only to learn of my flub there.

So, what’s there to do in Rarotonga? Not much….sounds perfect.

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