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Moving Day!


Sound the trumpets and let the angels know it’s time to rejoice! Our stuff has shown up!

I  know. I know. I’ve been bad at updating this thing in the past two weeks. But if you saw all the boxes I’d been unpacking and laundry I’d been doing, you’d understand. Waaaaay back on June 4th, many of our belongings were packed up, loaded into two crates and driven away to ports unknown. They were supposed to somehow make it 9000 miles-and-some-change to our new house in New Zealand.

71 days later and by way of the port of Philadelphia, through the Panama Canal and across the Pacific Ocean, our stuff is finally here! Thanks to the handy, dandy Maersk shipping website, I was able to see the route our boat took.


Photos to come!


  1. Im pretty sure I drove by your MAERSK on the high seas, I tried to talk to them, but they said they had a very important mission and couldnt be slowed down. I told them I was going to inspect them for contraband and they said, maybe I would find some, but only if I was able to get through all the nails and wooden boxes! Definitely looks like you are having fun over there!

  2. Why would you want to stop my stuff from getting to me. I appreciate your attention to the high seas and safety, but good grief! I needed my stuff!

  3. Ha I just wanted to make sure that they weren’t contaminating your precious goods.

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