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I will never multitask again. Shhh, nevermind that I’m multitasking as I write this post.


Pride often leads to downfall. In my case, pride in my superior multitasking skills has led to my phone’s undoing.

On Friday I woke up nice and early, ironed 15 of Bill’s shirts, took a shower, threw some clothes into the washing machine, all before having a coffee and toast. I should have just slept in and sent the shirts to the dry cleaner instead.

This is what happens to your phone when you multitask around bodies of water:

I quickly ran down to the New World and bought some rice. My phone has now been in there for three days, and the photo to the left is how it looks now. From what I’ve read online, we need to take the phone apart to remove the water found between the LCD screen and the glass.

Hopefully it works!

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