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Just Add Water


Because of the whole “moving to New Zealand” thing, I had to quit my job in the States. I’ve been doing some contract work here and there, which has taken up a bit of time, but there are still plenty hours of the day to fill. I’ve taken up Thai Kickboxing and dabbled in knitting. But the activity that has made me puff my chest out in pride is actually learning how to cook stuff. I know, right? Cook? Me? Hah!

I never realized how many things I was used to getting at the supermarket pre-made, frozen or my personal favorite: just add water. Have you ever made pancakes from scratch? Not the kind you find in a box, but actually go and find a recipe and make it from start to finish? Or tomato soup! Usually I pop open a can, heat it up and call it good.

The list below are items that I’ve learned to make in the past few months. In parenthesis are how I used to acquire them.

Cornbread (box, just add water)
Tomato Soup (canned)
Fajitas (frozen)
Leek Soup (canned)
Pancakes (box, just add water)
Pico De Gallo (buy at the store already made)
Eggplant Parmesan (order at an italian restaurant)
Pork Chops (never ate them because they required effort)
Apple Tart (see reason above)
Brownies (box, just add water)
Guacamole (add a packet of mix to avocado)
Pizza dough (but at the store already made)

That last item is my most recent culinary adventure. Granted, I had the help of a bread machine, but still. Baby steps.

What happened after the dough was made, was magical. Nom nom nom, piiiiiiizza.

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