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A Grey Day


As I look outside today, Wellington is blue skies, warm temperatures and not a cloud to be seen. But this weekend while I was walking around Wellington, it was cold, dreary and wet. My photos seemed to reflect the weather as well.

This was on the side of a building I came across in an alley way. I see Frankenstein, but is that a ghostly Lady Gaga?

I saw this statute on the Welllington Harbor, and while it seemed hopeful and triumphant, there was also a sadness. Maybe it was the weather. I wasn’t sure it’s background, after some creative Google search terms, I found that it’s a statue of Kupe. According to the unimpeachable source of Wikipedia, Kupe is part of Maori mythology’s story of the discovery of New Zealand. Apparently this statue was part of a much larger frieze from the 1930s, “…depicting the progress of New Zealand, groupings of pioneers, lions in Art Deco style, a large fountain and a figure of Kupe standing on the prow of his canoe were produced for the centennial exhibition. Of all these works, only the Kupe Statue still remains.”

And finally, to round out my dreary photography tour, this very applicable quote/work of art. It was attached to a pylon, about 2 feet above the water, facing the harbor. I’m came across it by chance, but it had such an awkward placement, I’m not quite sure what to think of it. I loved the moss growing and drying concrete; it seemed to fit the quote well.

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