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From the Wedding Aisle to the Window Seat: Our Travel Adventures and Everything Else In Between

17 Time Zones Later

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Well, we finally made it. After 35 hours “on the road”, 1 almost missed connection in Sydney, 4 missing bags and 12 glorious hours of sleep later….we’re here.

The longest part of our trek (15 hours in the middle seat, mind you) was not as bad as I had prepared myself for. I made sure to get up periodically to walk around, trying to ward off any hints of Deep Vein Thrombosis. I just kept telling myself that I was never going to get off this plane, so I might as well get comfortable. The hardest leg of the trip was Australia to NZ: knowing that you’re only 2.5 hours from finally not being on a plane only caused me keep checking my watch constantly. Time ticked by soooosloooowly.

Flying into New Zealand was stunning. We crossed over the northern tip of South Island, which is where much of Lord of the Rings was filmed. At one point, the mountains seemed to be as high in the air as the plane.

Yesterday, one of Bill’s coworker’s spouse took us on a tour of Wellington, with stops including Weta Cave,¬†the summit of Mount Victoria¬†and we even did some off-roading on a beach.

I’ve been asked: What does New Zealand look like? Truthfully, I don’t know what to compare it to. I’ve racked my brain to think of some location that Wellington even resembles. It’s rainy like Seattle, windy like Chicago, and even though there are tropical plants which make me think of some Caribbean nation, it’s chilly and green like Ireland. There are Victorian houses interspersed between homes you’d find in the Caribbean, right next to something uber-modern. Some houses are built on stilts, and clinging to the edge of a mountain, which made me think of The Hollywood Hills.

We’ve been told that we should get in our house within the next week or two, and it’ll be nice to finally settle in and not be living out of a suitcase. Next up: getting a car, a cellphone and a bank account.

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  1. great to hear your news, Kate. so are you staying in wellington? NZ was well described.
    say hi to Bill. xo Elaine

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